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Movie stills
Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora

and Ordinary People

Portraits of musicians, artists and other celebrities, as well as of very ordinary people, photographed for various German and international magazines. More...


Choreographers on Stage

More than 50 international choreographers expressed themselves in dialogue with the environment of the "Ehrenhof" in Düsseldorf at Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2006. More...

Cologne Beauties

A series on individuals with a unique way of being beautiful. Actors and artists, musicians and models, waitresses and football players. Photographed in strong, contrasting colors in the studio. More...

The Mystic Rose Portraits

"Like all great art, great photographs go beyond the visual surface to capture the spirit within ...The camera changes from being a barrier to being a catalyst. The result is a gallery of portraits that show a gamut of emotions not often glimpsed through the eye of the camera." (The Illustrated Weekly of India) More...

Time Travel

An old-fashioned 4"x 5" Sinar large format camera, and black & white Polaroid material seemed to be the appropriate tools and material to photograph the city of Leipzig and its artists right after the Berlin wall came down. More...

Zen for the Poor

Imagine a newbie in Photoshop 2.0 - no layers, one redo only. The first digital camera by Canon with amazing 72 dpi. And a small book from Berkeley, California titled "Zen in the Art of Photography". Stir these ingredients thoroughly and without gettin' 2 serious, watch the results. More...

Don't Hurt these Flowers

Yes, I have to admit, I didn't ask them before pulling and ripping them apart. Poor tulips and lilies died for the investigation of a photographer's sense of beauty. Honestly, it's only collateral damage, they would have died anyway, wouldn't they? More...

Zappa of Invention

Remember "Roxy & Elsewhere"? Nevermind, black & white photography smells even older than jazz. That's why I skipped a German summer for excessive darkroom labour and contributed my share to recycle this traditional art into colorful news. More...

Cologne Beauties - Schöne Kölner
Kim Olsen
Choreographers on Stage

Project for Ibiza:

Reparations for the Balearic Island. More...

Art project for Ibiza by Paul Kalkbrenner

Pic of the Month

Osama Bin Laden versus George W. Bush

Cool shit: After throwing his towel Arthur Dent had a good laugh with Osama and George W. on their posh Florida estate. More...




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