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Abgang is the German expression for exit, rocketing, orgasm or leaving the stage. For 7 years it has been the merchandising company, mainly for my own t-shirt designs. Coming from a professional background in advertising myself, the most successful designs dealt with adbusting: Satirical side blows on the madness of consumerism.

After being pretty successful in the mid 90ies, the company ceased to exist with end of the old millenium. New challenges were waiting for me.

But one never knows. Since time and matter move in spirals and the anti-globalization movement establishes a foothold I might donate some new designs for the nerds around. Meanwhile take a dip in the 90ies German adbusting scene, which sometimes seems alarmingly present. More...

Graphic design and advertising concepts for industry, print media and cultural institutions have been my major work for many years. I still enjoy doing it for interesting products and companies.

Have a look at my portfolio. More...

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