Tyohar Psy X-Ray
Movie of Satsang with Tyohar Movie of graffito artist Psy X-Ray
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Full length: 35 min.
Language: English
Format: 192 x 144 pixel

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Techno DJ claims Enlightenment

Tyohar is a young man from Israel, a former techno DJ and disciple of the Indian mystic Osho. After a party in the Himalayas he declares himself enlightened. He now travels around the world and gives satsang to spiritual seekers. With his followers he is building the spiritual commune "Pacha Mama" in Costa Rica.

This film gives an insight into a two- week meditation retreat with Tyohar. A group of people meet on the countryside of northern Germany to listen to Tyohar's teachings and share his silence.

He speaks on how the mind functions and how to go beyond duality. On enlightenment and identity. He gives initiation and plays frisbee.

The film captures a fresh and unprejudiced approach to a living master.

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Full length: 42 min.
Language: German
Format: 160 x 120 pixel

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Life and Death of a Graffiti Artist

A collage of original amateur Hi8 and VHS tapes.

A memorial underground movie for the outrageous bohemian and graffiti artist "Psy X-Ray". A German protagonist of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" of the 80's and 90's. Not speeding over North American highways, but thru the streets of Cologne on foot.

He was born under the star of the German carnival season in 1963, and was buried on April Fool's Day 1999. Two parameters that frame a wild and untamed live, beyond any conventions. The movie shows him gadding about the Cologne underground scene, at exhibitions and performances, clubbing and drugging.

Psy died from a drug overdose under the sun of Majorca, the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea.

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