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Magic Moments Caught in a Frame

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In this selection you will find mostly photographs that got published before, but also those that have, for some reason or other, not found their way into the press. Some of those, I must admit, I like the best.

Here's a brief overview of various portraits I did of famous musicians, artists and other celebrities, as well as of very ordinary people.

Most photographs were taken for German magazines, record companies and other clients. I always had lots of freedom, when I was booked for a shooting.

German rock band Rausch
Jean Le Gac
Martin Kippenberger Bon Jovi
Herbert Grönemeyer

Snapping the shutter before the thought "great picture" even occurs, is the right moment. Then magic happens for a split second, mostly 1/250 to be precise. You really meet the person in front of your camera, something opens up. And that energy shows in the picture. In various ways it saves me from preconceived opinions.

Although I like to work intuitively, that doesn't mean no preparation is done on the set or before. For example, studio flashlights have been my constant companions on location, and sometimes numerous Polaroids were done before I was satisfied with the lighting

Jan Vetter
Karl Lagerfeld
Benedikt Taschen

I really appreciated the trust they put in me, which gave me the possibilty to develop my own style.

Authenticity, which to me means being true to myself and the person in the focus of my lens, makes the best portraits. I always like to work very spontaneously, almost instinctively.

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