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Photographic Portrait of Leipzig Audience Zen for the Poor Black & White is not dead, it just looks funny
Leipzig sports stadion Audience at rock concert Zen for the poor Ego on acid

At quite a few concerts and other occasions, I turned away from the main act and photographed people in the audience. The collection of these shots is upgraded every other month. More...

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"To trigger a thinking process through contrast and abstraction" this series combines passages from the book "Zen in the Art of Photography" with early digital photographs. My first photoshop encounter (version 2.0. ;-)

Digital photography. More...

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A portrait of the East German city of Leipzig and its independant art scene two years after the Berlin wall came down.

Classical black & white, large format, Polaroid photography. More...

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This series explores the end of black & white. What will happen if one uses black & white negatives to create color? An extreme darkroom experience in which I recycled my own and found images to stretch the borders of traditional photography and its content.

Experimental photography. More...

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