Project for Eivissa
Project for the ibizenko landscape and its billboards

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On the road from St. Rafel to Sant Antoni. Before and after.

Original Billboard

A Project on Virtual and Actual Reality.

Wintertime on Ibiza (Eivissa), a splendid Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, is tranquil and soothing. Tourist season is over and the land and its people recover. The advertising on the large billboards that impose their marks on the landscape is weathering away in the sea breeze. The screaming colors fade away into pastel tones, and finally only the blank white paper remains.

One's eyes are again allowed to focus primarily on the landscape and its simplicity.

To emphasize this effect the "Project for Ibiza" was born. Photographs of the landscape "behind" the billboards are mounted on the billboards themselves. Suddenly the vision of the landscape again seems to be unobstructed, as if the billboards themselves had disappeared. Or as if a part of the landscape has been put in a gigantic frame. Yet, as a matter of fact, this perception is an illusion, since the picture of the landscape is as virtual as the landscape behind the billboard is actual.

So the vision and awareness of bypassers are sharpened in many ways by this installation. The tautology, the repetition of the obvious, becomes a question mark for the viewer. Reality becomes uncertain for a moment.

The viewer might not only define his vison anew - receive the impressions of the actual landscape more strongly, and be more cautious of virtual deceptions - but the installation might also function as a mirror for the limitations and possibilities of virtuality and actuality in other realms.

A limited edition of color prints will be available to promote and finance the project.

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